This analysis provides precise information for correct shoe selection by highlighting over- pronation, over-supination or neutral gait. A shoe with support and cushioning suited specifically to your gait assists in preventing common running niggles and injuries such as:

Runners knee (Illiotibial band Sundrome), Shin Splints, Anterior Compartment syndrome, Patellofemeral pain syndrome, Stress fractures

Have your shoes worn out?

Over time running shoes loose stability and shock absorption.
When this happens it can cause stress to the feet, legs & increase the chance of injury. Pay attention to how you feel : you may notice muscle fatigue or new tightness in your muscles.Check the tread: have the shoes worn, or are leaning to one side- the midsole cushioning may be worn. We are happy to check your old shoes when you bring them in with you, and are proud to be a drop off point for Shoes for Planet Earth & Nike Re-Use-A-Shoe – Help someone less fortunate and support sustainability.

Is your shoe type correct?

Road, Trail, Racing Flats, Tempo, Bare foot, Light weight performance, Extra Cushioning, Stability, Low mileage, High mileage …. We know it can be confusing and offer a high level of advice & expertise to help you find the right shoe based on your activity needs and running biomechanics.

SSR works closely with leading sports medical practitioners from exercise physiologists, physio therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors and massage therapists, utilising a collaborative approach to ensure every athlete is given the appropriate products, service and advice to help them stay injury free.

We work in conjunction with and recommend:

Caringbah Podiatry & Biomechanics | Southern Sports Podiatry
Cronulla Beach Chiropractic & sports Massage | Lifestyle Physiotherapy | Parkside Physiotherapy | Peak Health

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